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TParadox file
TTads source
TTape Archive without compression
TTester symbol table (ReaGeniX code generator)
TUnformatted manual page (Roff/nroff/troff/groff)
T44dBASE IV temporary file for sort or index
T64Commodore 64 emulator tape file (C64S emulator)
T65PageMaker template
TAACSun TAAC bitmap image
TABTAB separated file
TABColour lookup table (CMYK image) (Stork format)
TABV2K table file
TAGDataFlex query tag name
TAGTextadventure Generator game source file
TAHBorland Turbo Assembler help file
TALTypeAlign text illustration
TALKText to speech
TAPTAPe file (ZX Spectrum emulator)
TARTAR compressed archive file (Tape archive)
TARGATruevision TarGA bitmap image
TAVTurbo Antivirus checksum file
TAZTAR file compressed in Z format
TB1Borland Turbo C font file
TB2Borland Turbo C font file
TBFFax (Imavox TurboFax)
TBKdBase IV memo backup
TBKAsymetrix ToolBook file
TBKFox Pro memo backup
TBLTable file
TBLDynamic link library
TBRNorton Desktop custom toolbar
TBSGerman MS Word text elements (TextBauSteine)
TBXProject Scheduler 4 table
TBXTBBX Offline-Reader data file
TCTurbo C configuration file
TCBorland C++ configuration file
TCHTurbo C help file
TCHBorland C++ help file
TCLTcl/Tk (Tool Command Language) script source code
TCOT9000 object modules
TCSHUnix shell script (tcsh)
TCWTurboCAD for Windows drawing
TDTurbo Debugger for DOS configuration file
TD0Teledisk disk image (compressed diskette in a file)
TD2Turbo Debugger for Win32 configuration file
TDBTACT database
TDDDImagine object file format
TDFSpeedo typeface definition file
TDFTheDraw font
TDFTrace Definition File
TDHBorland C++ Turbo Debugger help file
TDITDI Explore & Alias Wavefront image
TDKBorland C++ Turbo Debugger keystroke recording file
TDRContents of Arvid tape
TDSBorland C++ Turbo Debugger symbol table
TDWBorland C++ Builder Turbo Debugger for Windows configuration file
TEFFax (Relisys TEFAX)
TELTelnet host file
TELPC Tools phonebook file
TEMIconAuthor input template
TEMBorland C++ Turbo Editor macro language script
TEMIcon Author template file
TERTerraGen Terrain file (landscape renderer)
TERRAINTerraGen Terrain file (landscape renderer)
TENGame highscore file (top TEN)
TETDN Tetris game results
TEXLaTeX text
TEXPaint Shop Pro texture file
TEXIdealist datasheet
TEXScientific Word text document
TEXTeX text document
TFTurbo Profiler configuration
TFTinyFugue MUD client macro
TFATurbo Profiler area file
TFCTobi's Floppy Cataloguer catalogue file
TFHBorland C++ Turbo Profiler help file
TFMIntellifont tagged font metric file
TFMTeX tagged font metric file
TFSBorland C++ Turbo Profiler statistical information
TGTechnical guidance (NRC Inspection Manual)
TG1On Target project file
TGATruevision Targa bitmap image
TGTFax data file
TGWTerraGen World (landscape renderer)
TGWORLDTerraGen World (landscape renderer)
TGZTAR file compressed in GZ format
THBBitmap image file
THEMEWindows 9x desktop theme
THMPicture Publisher thumbnail bitmap image
THMPhotoMagic thumbnail bitmap image
THNGraphics Workshop thumbnail file
THORTHOR database description
THSWordPerfect thesaurus dictionary
THXAmiga THX Tracker music
TITemporary Instruction (NRC Inspection Manual)
TICFTN special file with associated file description (ALLFIX)
TICFido-Tick information file
TIFTagged Image File Format bitmap image file
TIGTiger file (US government distributed maps)
TILTogai InfraLogic Fuzzy-C Compiler logic knowledge base
TIMSony PlayStation bitmap image
TIMTagged Image File Format bitmap image file
TIMThe Incredible Maschine game data file
TISMahJongg 3.0 tile set
TJLVAXTPU Editor backup file
TL?TimeLine file
TLBRemote Automation TypeLiB files
TLBVisual C++ OLE Type library
TLBBubble Chamber reference table
TLBText library (VAX)
TLCGeoworks Swat compiled tool command language source code
TLDTeledisk disk image
TLPTimeLine project
TMBitmap image (EOSAT's Landsat Thematic Mapper data file)
TMPCTools scheduler file
TMDLotus TvMap Document
TMFWordPerfect tagged font metric file
TMOZortech C++ ZTG global optimizer default output file
TMPTemporary file
TMSTelemate compiled script
TMSTelemate script file
TNYTiny bitmap image
TOCTeX table of contents (index file)
TOKBorland C++ 4.x external tokens
TOSSelf-extracting file archive
TOSAtari Programm
TPTurbo Pascal configuration
TPTurbo Profiler session-state file
TP3Harvard Graphics 3.0 template
TPBDownloadable PCL Soft font file backup (HiJaak)
TPFDownloadable PCL Soft font file (HiJaak)
TPHTurbo Pascal help file
TPITurbo Pascal image file
TPLUlead iPhoto Express TemPLate
TPLTurbo Pascal resident units library
TPLHarvard Graphics template file
TPLGoldEd template file
TPLITrack template file
TPPBorland Pascal 7.0 protected mode units
TPUEnable Teleprocessing
TPUVAXTPU editor command file
TPUTurbo Pascal Unit (BGI)
TPWTurbo/Borland Pascal unit (Windows library)
TPWBorland C++ Turbo Profiler for Windows session-state file
TPZTAR compressed file archive
TPZGNUzip compressed file archive
TRTomeRaider database
TRTurbo Debugger for DOS session-state settings
TRUnformatted manual page (Roff/nroff/troff/groff)
TR2Turbo Debugger for Win32 session-state settings
TRCPower CTrace debug support file
TREPC-Tools directory tree file
TREEINFONCDNorton Commander Directory tree
TRIAlias triangle file
TRIFBitmap image (Tiled Raster Interchange Format)
TRKTrack file (i.e. video sequence) used by many games
TRK4D Sports Driving track file
TRMWindows 3.x Terminal configuration settings
TRNQuattro translation support file
TRNClarion translation support file
TRSMicrografx executable file
TRUTrue Basic source
TRWTurbo Debugger for Windows session-state settings
TSMTurbo Assembler for OS/2 manual
TSPWindows Telephony Service Provider
TSQODBC script
TSTWordPerfect for Win printer test file
TSVTab separated values file
TTFTrueType font file
TTRTrueType Font
TUBPaint Shop Pro 5 picturetube, a multi-celled picture
TUDThe Ultimate Draw document
TUTTutorial file
TVParadox table view settings
TV1WordPerfect for Win overflow file above insert point in Doc 1
TV2WordPerfect for Win overflow file above insert point in Doc 2
TV3WordPerfect for Win overflow file above insert point in Doc 3
TV4WordPerfect for Win overflow file above insert point in Doc 4
TV5WordPerfect for Win overflow file above insert point in Doc 5
TV6WordPerfect for Win overflow file above insert point in Doc 6
TV7WordPerfect for Win overflow file above insert point in Doc 7
TV8WordPerfect for Win overflow file above insert point in Doc 8
TV9WordPerfect for Win overflow file above insert point in Doc 9
TVFdBASE table view settings
TVRBorland Turbo Vision resource file
TWFTabWorks data
TWWTagwrite template
TX88-bit ASCII text
TXFTAR.F compressed file archive (TAR and Freeze)
TXITeX support file
TXRCorelDraw texture file
TXTText file
TXTDisplayWrite document
TXTWord for DOS text file
TXWYamaha TX-16W Wave File
TYMPageMaker 4 time stamp
TZTAR.Z compressed file archive (TAR and Compress)
TZBTAR.Z.btoa compressed file archive (TAR - Compress - Btoa)

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