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Buchstabe H

HHeader-File, include-File
H--Sphinx C-- header file
H!Help database (Flambeaux Help/Perfect Database)
H++C++ header file
HACompressed file archive (HA)
HALData file (Hyper Access Lite OS/2)
HAMNovell NetWare disk drivers NPA
HAPCompressed file archive (HAP)
HBMHotline BookMark
HCHeader file
HCOMSound (Macintosh)
HDBHD-Bench drive test result file
HDFHierarchical Data Format bitmap image (NCSA)
HDFHelp file (Help Development Kit
HDFProcomm Plus alternate download file listing
HDLAlternate download file listing
HDRPc-File+ database Header
HDREgret datafile
HDRMessage HeaDeR (Procomm Plus/1st Reader)
HDSHierarchical Data System
HDWHarvard Draw vector image
HDXHelp index (AutoCAD/Zortech C++)
HEDHighEdit document
HELMS Hellbender game data
HEPNovell NetWare Help Librarian data file
HEXMacintosh BinHex encoded file archive (ASCII)
HFIHP Font Info file (GEM)
HGLHP Graphics Language vector image
HGLHighlight groups definitions (DN)
HHC++ header file
HHCHTML Help Table Of Contents file, funtional comparable with .cnt
HHHPower C precompiled header file
HHKHTML Help index file
HHPProcomm Plus help information for remote users
HHPHTML Help project file, funtional comparable with .hpj
HIHIgh scores (various games)
HIGHIGh scores (various games)
HINHyperChem molecule
HIPSBitmap image (HIPS file)
HISHIStory of executing/viewing/editing (DN)
HKCHTML-KIT auto complete short-cuts
HLBVMS help library
HLPHeLP file
HLXMultiEdit help file
HLZMultiEdit packed help file
HMWindows help 'Help Map' file
HMMProcomm Plus Alternate Mail Read option menu
HNCCNC program files Heidenhain (?) dialog
HOF'Hall Of Fame' game data (best scores)
HOGDescent data file
HPPrimary hash file (THOR database)
HPPrintout file for HP printers/plotters (HP/GL)
HP8Text in HP Roman8 character set (NewWave Write)
HPFPageMaker HP LaserJet fonts
HPGVector image (HPGL plotter file) (AutoCad/Harvard Graphics)
HPGLVector image (HPGL plotter file) (Hewlett-Packard Graphics Language)
HPIGEM font information
HPJMS Help Compiler Help ProJect file
HPJPrinted to file (HP LaserJet)
HPKHPack compressed file archive
HPLVector image (Hewlett-Packerd LasetJet)
HPLJVector image (Hewlett-Packerd LasetJet)
HPMAlternate Main menu for privileged users (Procomm Plus)
HPMEmm text (HP NewWave)
HPMQuaestor 1.x High Performance Map
HPPC++ header (Zortech C++/Watcom C/C++)
HPPVector image (Hewlett-Packard Printer Control Language)
HPPCLVector image (Hewlett-Packard Printer Control Language)
HQXBinHex archive format, often used on Macintosh
HRCSoftImage model 3D file
HRFCADCore bitmap image (Hitachi Raster Format)
HRHCommon header for resources and C++
HRMAlternate Main menu for limited/normal users (Procomm Plus)
HRZSSTV, Slow Scan TeleVision file
HRZBitmapgrafik mit Echtfarben
HSLiterate Haskell source code file
HS2Postering monochrome image
HSC2-op FM music file (HSC tracker)
HSIHandmade Software Inc bitmap image (Image Alchemy)
HSPHomeSite WWW page project
HSTHistory file
HSTHandmade Software graphics histogram (HSI raw file)
HSTPlug-in file?
HTHyperTerminal file
HTMHyperText Markup Language file (WWW-page)
HTMHypertext Markup Language (HTML)
HTMLSHyperText Markup Language document with server-side include (WWW)
HTTHyperText Template
HTXMS FrontPage HTML template
HWDHollywood presentation
HXCross-reference hash file (THOR database)
HXGHexxagon data file
HXMAlternate Protocol Selection menu for all users (Procomm Plus)
HXXC++ header
HY1Ventura Publisher hyphenation algorithms
HY2Ventura Publisher hyphenation algorithms
HYCWordPerfect data
HYDWordPerfect for Win hyphenation dictionary
HYPHyper compressed file archive
HZChinese text

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