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Buchstabe D

D64Commodore 64 emulator disk file
DA0Windows registry backup
DACSound (TI/MIT DAC format) (byte reversed ADC file)
DATVideo CD MPEG movie
DATWordPerfect merge DATa
DBParadox/dbVista/Smartware/XTreeGold DataBase
DBdBASE IV/dBFast/MultiEdit configuration
DB#Database (dBASE # / from dBASE IV renamed)
DB$dBASE/Modula2 temporary file
DB2dBASE II database
DB3dBASE III database
DBATurbo Prolog/DataEase database
DBCVisual FoxPro DataBase Container file
DBDBusiness Insight business data
DBDClarion Modula-2 debug info
DBFdBASE/FoxPro/dBFast/DataBoss database
DBGDeBuGger script (DOS debug/Watcom debugger)
DBGSymbolic DeBuGing information (Ms C/C++)
DBKdBASE Database Backup
DBMDataEase datafile
DBMDataBoss Menu template
DBOdBASE IV compiled program
DBOProgram (dBASE IV / compiled)
DBQParadox memo
DBSManaging Your Money/ProDas/SQL Windows datafile
DBSMS Word/Works printer description file
DBTdBASE/dBFast memo text for database with same name
DBTClipper database text
DBTFoxPro Foxbase+ style memo
DBTDBF momo file
DBWDataBoss Windows file
DBXDataBeam image
DC5DataCAD drawing
DCAVisual Basic active designer cache
DCADocument Content Architecture text file (IBM DisplayWrite)
DCFDisk image file
dcfDriver Configuration File
DCLBorland Delphi Component Library
DCPData/Device CodePage (OS/2)
DCRShockwave/Macromedia Director data
DCSQuarkXPress bitmap image (Quark Desktop Color Separation EPS file)
DCSDatafile (ACT! Activity Files)
DCSDesktop Color Separation file
DCUBorland Delphi Compiled Unit
DCXZSoft PC Paintbrush Multi-Page PCX, used as fax
DDDiskDoubler compressed Macintosh file archive
DDBBitmap image
DDEDynamic Data Exchange (binary)
DDFData Definition File describing database (Btrieve, Xtrieve)
DDIDiskDupe disk image
DDIFBitmap image (DEC DDIF file)
DDPOS/2 Device Driver Profile file
DEBDebug script (DOS DEBug)
DECDECoded file
DEFLinker DEFinition file, used in programming environments
DEFAssembly header file (Geoworks Esp)
DEFSmartWare II data
DEFIOracle 7 de-install script
DEMVistaPro DEM image
DEMUSGS & GTopo30 3D file
DEPVisual Basic setup wizard DEPendency file
DERInternet security certificate
DESDescription file
DESCDescription file
DEVDevice driver
DEWFMacintosh SoundCap/SoundEdit instrument
DFNCSA bitmap image (Hierarchical Data File)
DFDProsa Data Flow Diagram graphic
DFDDyadic functions (ABC programming language)
DFIDigifont outline font description
DFLDefault program settings (Signature)
DFMProsa Data Flow Diagram model file
DFMBorland Delphi/C++ Builder form file
DFSDelight sound file
DFVMS Word printing form
DFXAutoCAD 3D/ CAD graphics
DFXMicrografx effects (=DLL)
DGNMicroStation CAD vector drawing
DHGeoworks dependency information for .ph
DHPDr. Halo bitmap image
DHTGauss data file
DIADiagraph graphics (Computer Support Corporation)
DIBOS/2 or Windows bitmap image (Device Independent Bitmap)
DICDictionary file
DIFVisicalc database (Data Interchange Format)
DIFDifference data file (Patch script)
DIFOS/2 Display Information File
DIFFDIFFerence data file (Patch script)
DIGSound Designer I audio
DILLotus library for graphic import (Approach)
DIPDebug Info Processor (Watcom Debugger)
DIRCPS Backup/VAX DIRectory file
DIRProcomm Plus dialing DIRectory file
DIRMacroMind Director 4.x movie format
DIRCatalog file (CP Backup)
DIRTelephone directory
DIRDirectory for dbm files
DISDKB & Qrt Ray-Tracer
DISVAX Mail DIStribution list
DISCorelDraw thesaurus
DIZMostly as 'File_id.diz' a small description of a program (description in Zip)
DJVUDjVu image
DKBDKB-Trace Raytraced image
DLDisplay/DL Viewer animation
DLAnimation (DL-View)
DLDLotus 1-2-3 data
DLGU.S. Geological Survey Digital Line Graph vector image (geographical data)
DLGWindows SDK DiaLoG editor data
DLGDiaLoG resources (DN)
DLLWindows or OS/2 Dynamic Link Library
DLMFileMaker Pro data
DLSDownloadable sound
DLSNorton Disklock setup
DMDVisual dBASE data module
DMFDelusion Digital Music File
DMFMod music file from X-Tracker
DMPDuMP file (eg. screen or memory)
DMSCompressed Amiga file archive (DiskMasher)
DMSDisk archiver file
DN1Duke Nukem 1 data file
DOBVisual Basic user document form file
DOCDocument file
DOGScreen file (Laughing Dog Screen Maker)
DOHGeoworks dependency information for .poh
DOKDOKument, chances are it's a plain text file
DOSDOS related file (Win95)
DOS1st Reader external command file
DOTMS Word DOcument Template
DOTCorelDraw line-type definition file
DOVProgrammteil von PCTools
DOXVisual Basic user document binary form file
DOXMultiMate 4.0/MS Word text document
DOZDescription Out of Zip (VENDINFO)
DPDaily Planner calendar file
DPDataPhile data file
DPPrimary data file (THOR database)
DPCommon ground document
DPDDyadic predicates (ABC programming language)
DPJBorland Delphi project
DPLBorland Delphi packed library
DPRBorland C++/Delphi default project and state-related information
DPSColor file
DPXDigital moving Picture eXchange bitmap
DRAWVector image (Acorn's object-based format)
DRFMicrografx-Draw vector file
DRSWordPerfect for Win Display ReSource
DRVHardware DRiVer
DRWLotus Freelance image
DSTWAIN Data Source (=DLL)
DS4Micrografx Designer vector image
DSAPKCS7 signature, DSA
DSCSoftImage SCene file
DSCDeSCription file
DSCOracle DiSCard file
DSDDataShaper database
DSFDelusion Digital Sound File
DSFMicrograpf Designer document
DSG'DOOM' savegame
DSKNovell NetWare disk drivers
DSKBorland C++ project DeSKtop
DSLDSSSL Style Sheet
DSLX-Tracker Sample Bibliothek
DSMDSI Digital Sound Module
DSMMS Developer Studio macro
DSNODBC Data Source
DSNDeSigN (Object System Designer)
DSPDLL used by Norton viewer
DSPDiSPlay parameters (Signature)
DSPDynamic Studio Professional Module
DSPDr. Halo graphics DiSPlay driver
DSPMS Developer Studio
DSQCorel query file
DSRVisual Basic active DeSigneR file
DSRWordPerfect for Win driver resource
DSSScreensaver file (DCC)
DSSDigital Soup Sound
DSTEmbroidery machines graphics data
DSTWAIN (Scanner spec) data source DLL (Win)
DSWBorland C++/MS Developer Studio project workspace
DSXVisual Basic active designer binary file
DT_Data fork of a Macintosh file (Mac-ette)
DTBUnInstaller internal database file
DTDDocument Type Definition (SGML data)
DTEDDigital Terrain Elevation Data (geographical data format)
DTFQ&A/PFS database file
DTMDigiTrakker Module
DTPPageMagic/Publish-It!/Publisher3 publication
DTPDokument von Press International, 1st Press oder Timeworks Publisher
DTXQ&A file
DUNDial-up networking export file
DUPBackup file (DUPlicate)
DVDesqview Scriptfile
DVCLotus 1-2-3 data
DVGGraphikWorks vector image
DVITeX DeVice Independent text document
DVPAutoCAD DeVice Parameter file
DVPDESQview program information file
DVPAutoCAD device parameter file
DVPDesqview configuration file
dvrDevice Driver
DW2DesignCAD for Windows drawing
DWBCoryphaeus Software Designer workbench
DWCDWC compressed file archive
DWCArchiv (DWC - Dean W. Cooper's Packer)
DWDDiamondWare digitized sound
DWFCAD programs vector image
DWGAutoCAD/Drafix vector image
DXText file (DEC WPS/DX format - DEC WPS Plus)
DXCross-reference data (THOR database)
DXData explorer document
DXBAutoCAD drawing binary exchange format (vector)
dxbDrawing Interchange Binary (AutoCAD)
DXNFujitsu dexNET fax
DXRMacromedia Director protected (non-editable) movie
DY22Sound (Dyaxis format) (sampling rate 22k)
DY44Sound (Dyaxis format) (sampling rate 44k)
DYLEPOC16 dynamic link library
DYNLotus 1-2-3 data

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