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Buchstabe O

OObject File
O$$Sprint outfile
OABGroup file (Norton Desktop)
OAGGroup file (Norton Desktop)
OAZNetFax Manager fax
OBOBject cut/paste file (IBM LinkWay)
OBDMS Office Binder Document
OBJCompiled machine language code (Intel Relocatable OBJect Module)
OBJMetatools' Bryce Support file (OBJects)
OBJWavefront 3D OBJect
OBRBorland C++ object browser data file
OBSScript (ObjectScript)
OBTMS Office Binder Template
OBVObjectScript visual interface
OBZMS Office Wizard Binder
OCAVisual Basic control typelib cache
OCFObject Craft File
OCRIncoming fax transcribed to text (FAXGrapper)
OCTMusical file (Octalizer)
OCXOLE Custom Control, 32 bit, often an activeX control
ODAODA document
ODARaster image (CALS Group IV Type 2) ODF database
ODFOpen Document Interchange Format (ODIF) ODF Formel ODF drawing
ODIFOpen Document Interchange Format
ODLObject Definition Language file (MS Developer Studio) ODF global document ODF presentation ODF table ODF text file
OFDObjectView Form Definition
OFF3D Object File Format
OFMPostScript font description file
OFNMS Office document
OFTMS Outlook item template
OHSOutbound History (Bink/+)
OIDObject Interaction chart (Prosa/OM)
OKTOKTalizer Module (sound)
OLBObject library (VAX)
OLBOLE object library
OLDBackup file
OLEOLE object
OLIOlivetti text file
OLKMS Outlook address book
OMDClass model (Prosa/OM)
OMFAvid video editor interchange file
OOMShroom swap file
OPAPsion OPL object file
OPCBETA 44 job file
OPLPsion OPL language source code file
OPNActive options (Exact)
OPOPsion OPL object file
OPTConfiguration information (OPTions) used by several programs
OPTGespeicherte Optics-Leiste des Animators
OPTQEMM OPTimize support file
OPWOrg Plus for Windows organization chart
OPXExact inactive options
OPXMS Organization chart
OPXOrgPlus chart
OR8Rational Rose Oracle 8 database model report
ORAOracle parameter file
ORGFIBU data file
ORGLotus Organizer calendar file
ORGMicrocal Origin plot ODF database report
OSSMS Office search result
OSTMicrosoft Inbox offline folder file ODF drawing template HTML document template
OTLOpenTrap Event Log
OTLVentura Publisher's Type Foundry Outline Editor format
OTLZ-Soft Type Foundry outline font description ODF presentation template ODF table template ODF text template
OTXOlivetti Olitext Plus text file
OUTPCTools-Desktop file
OV1Overlay file (part of program to be loaded when needed)
OV2Overlay file (part of program to be loaded when needed)
OV3Overlay file (part of program to be loaded when needed)
OVDObjectVision datafile
OVROVeRlay (part of program to be loaded when needed), program code for DOS Extension
OYZLotus Approach alternate dBASE index

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