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MFunction and commands (Matlab M-file/Mathematica)
MCommon binary file name extension (Maple)
MMacro module (Brief)
MObjective-C language source code file (gcc)
MScript file (Miranda programming language)
MStandard package (Mathematica)
M_UBackup of boot sector FAT and boot dir (MazeGold)
M11Sound (Farallon's MacRecorder format) (sampling rate 11k)
M11Text file (MASS11)
M1AMPEG-1 audiostream
M1SMPEG-1 systemstream
M1VMoving Pictures Experts Group video (MPEG-1 IPB)
M2Modula 2 language source code file
M22Sound (Farallon's MacRecorder format) (sampling rate 22k)
M2AMPEG-2 audio
M2VMPEG-2 IPB videostream
M3Modula3 language source code file
M3AMPEG-3 audio
M3DCorel Motion 3D Scene movie
M3UPlaylist file
M4M4 preprocessor file
M656502er Code (6502-Emulator PdL)
M7Sound (Farallon's MacRecorder format) (sampling rate 7k)
MAAscii file (notebook) (Mathematica)
MAhDC products for MicroApp executable files
MA3Harvard Graphics 3.0 macro
MACMacPaint bitmap image, black & white, PackBits compressed
MACMACro file
MACAssembly Language file
MACPApple Macintosh MacPaint bitmap image
MADMS Access Module Shortcut
MAFMS Access Form Shortcut
MAGWoody Lynn's MAG graphics format (MPS Magro Paint System)
MAHMahjongg Solitaire settings
MAIMail message (VAX)
MAIPCTools file
MAILINIMail initialization file of Ms Internet Mail for Win 3.1
MAKProject file used by some programming languages like Visual Basic
MAMMS Access Macro Shortcut
MINIFESTWindows XP manifest file (XML)
MAPCard document of Route 66
MAPColorMAP intensities and indices color palette
MAPDebug info used by some programming languages
MAPMicrografx Picture Publisher format data
MAPAtlas MapMaker geographical map
MAPLinker map file
MAPAccView network map
MAQMS Access Query Shortcut
MARMS Access Report Shortcut
MARAssembly program (VAX Macro)
MARMMakefile for MARM platform (EPOC)
MASLotus Freelance SmartMASter set
MATMATlab sound
MATMS Access Table Shortcut
MAXMax language source code file
MAXScene (3D Studio Max)
MAXMAX source code
MAZHover maze game data
MBParadox memo field values for database
MBBinary file (bitmaps etc.) (Mathematica)
MB1Apogee Monster Bash game data
MBFAVSStardent AVS X bitmap image
MBFSStardent AVS X bitmap image
MBKdBASE IV multiple index file backup
MBMEPOC multi-bitmap file
mboxMailbox file
MCM3CG intermediate language file (Modula-3)
MCManual Chapter (NRC Inspection Manual)
MC$Magic Xchange package (Magic Cap file archive)
MCCShortcut to The Microsoft Network
MCCMathcad configuration file
MCCDialer10 calling card
MCDMathCaD file
MCFMathcad font file
MCFHotsauce graphics
MCICommand script (Media Control Interface)
MCIMCI Command Set
MCLMultiEdit macro library
MCMEnable Macro
MCPCapsule application script
MCPComposed Media multimedia file (NetMC Player)
MCPMathcad printer driver
MCSMathCAD image
MCWText document (MacWrite II/MS Word for Macintosh)
MDCompressed file archive (MDCD)
MDMATH-Designer file
MD5Checksum file for .SHN audio
MDAMS Access Add-in
MDBMS Access DataBase
MDEMDE database (MS Access)
mdfMenu Definition File
MDIMIDI-sequention sound
MDLGeometrical model (3D Design Plus)
MDLObject design model (Rational Rose 98)
MDLSpreadsheet (CA-Compete!)
MDMModem definition (TELIX)
MDNMS Access Blank Database
MDPProject workspace (MS Developer Studio)
MDRMicrodrive file (ZX Spectrum emulator)
MDTMS Access Add-in Data
MDTData table (Ms ILink incremental linker)
MDWMS Access Workgroup Information
MDXMaintained dBASE database index
MDZMS Access Database Wizard Template
MDZDescription of music module (Cubic Player/Cross-View)
MEAs '' a textfile probably describing an application
MEConfiguration (MultiEdit)
MEFormatted manual page with me macros
ME!As '!' an urgent textfile probably describing an application
MEBMacro Editor bottom overflow file (WordPerfect Library)
MECMECCA source (Maximus)
MEDSound (Amiga MED/OctaMED Module)
MEDMacro Editor delete save (WordPerfect Library)
MEDOctaMed music file
MEMMacro Editor macro (WordPerfect Library)
MEMMemory variable save file (Clipper/dBASE IV/FoxPro)
MEMClarion MEMos datafile
MEMWays for Windows lexicon file
MEQMacro Editor print queue file (WordPerfect Library)
MERMacro Editor resident area (WordPerfect Library)
MESMacro Editor work space file (WordPerfect Library)
METOS/2 METafile
METOmnipage Pro document
METMacro Editor top overflow file (WordPerfect Library)
MEUMenu group (DOS Shell)
MEXDynamically linked subroutines (Macintosh) (Matlab)
MEXMacro Editor expound file (WordPerfect Library)
MEXMEX file (executable command)
MEX4Dynamically linked subroutines (Sun-4/SPARC) (Matlab)
MEXDSDynamically linked subroutines (DECStation) (Matlab)
MEXHP3Dynamically linked subroutines (HP9000/series 300) (Matlab)
MEXHP7Dynamically linked subroutines (HP9000/series 700) (Matlab)
MEXNDynamically linked subroutines (NeXT) (Matlab)
MEXRS6Dynamically linked subroutines (IBM RS/6000) (Matlab)
MEXSGDynamically linked subroutines (SGI) (Matlab)
MFMetafont text file (TeX)
MFDMonadic functions (ABC programming language)
MFJMetaFont job (batch input)
MFMMusic format (DMP)
MFTStyle file (MetaFont source formatter)
MGModula-3 generic module source
MGFASCII-based 3D rendering Materials and Geometry Format
MGFMicrografx font
MGRMGR bitmap image
MGXMicrografx Designer drawing
MHTMessage HTML file
MHTMLMessage HTML file
MICMicrosoft Image Composer data
MIDMIDI-sequention sound (Musical Instrument Digital Interface)
MIDIMIDI-sequention sound
MIFImage Magick Image File Format
MIFFrameMaker data
MIFPC system component DMI attributes (Management Information Format)
MIFFImage Magick Image File Format
MIIMicroStat-II datafile
MILRaster graphics (CALS Group IV Type 2)
MIMMIME encoded file
MIMEMessage in MIME format (RFC822)
MISMISsion file (many games)
MITSUBitmap image (Mitsubishi S340-10 color sublimation printer file)
MIXMS Windows sound MIX
MIXPower C object file
MJFMjuice secure music file
MKEMS Windows SDK MaKEfile
MKFSystem-Makefile (Visual C++)
MKIJapanese graphics MAKIchan format (MagView 0.5)
MKRT-Online macro file
MKWMichael K. Weise compressed audio file
MLML language source code file
ML3Milestones 3.x project
ML4Milestones Projektplanung
MLBSymphony macro library file
MLIAutodesk 3D Studio material file
MLMSaved email (Novell GroupWise using WP5.1 format)
MMMultiMate Advantage II text document
MMMeme virtual reality world
MMEMIME encoded file
MMFMail Message File (Ms Mail)
MMMMultiMedia Movie format (RIFF RMMP) (MacroMind Director 3.x)
MMOMeMO writer file (RapidFile)
MMPOutput video format from Bravado board
MMPmakmake makefile project (EPOC)
MNDCerious MaNDelbrot image
MNDMenu source (AutoCAD Menu Compiler)
MNGMultiple-image Network Graphics bitmap image
MNGMap (DeLorme Map'n'Go)
MNICerious MaNDelbrot image
MNTAdditional (FPT) menu description file (FoxPro)
MNUHP NewWave advanced macro
MNXAutoCAD compiled menu
MNXMain (DBF) menu description file (FoxPro)
MNYMS Money account book
MOModula-3 object file
MOBDevice definition (PEN Windows)
MODMusic (Amiga MODule format) (DMP/FastTracker/MDP/Protracker/Soundtracker)
MODMS Multiplan spreadsheet
MODFile implementing DOS support for Windows DLL's
MODMODel definitions (EPOC)
MODClarion Modula-2 language source code file
MODKernel-Modul (Windows)
modModula - 2 - Quellcode
MODModula-2/Oberon Quelltext
MOIFrench textfile, As = in French
MOLFile list (Windows MOD-Player)
MONMONitor description (ReadMail)
MOOMoonRock language source code file
MOOVQuicktime movie
MOOVQTVR panorama
moovMovie (Qicktime)
MOPM. Fujimiya's Morpher for Windows 1.4 work file
MOTIFMicroangelo Motif
MOVQuicktime Virtual Reality
MOVAutoCAD AutoFlix MOVie
movMovie (Qicktime)
MOZNetscape temporary cache file
MPMovie (MPEG compressed)
MP1MPEG audio file
MP2Sound (MPEG-1 Layer II Audio Stream)
MP2VMoving Pictures Experts Group, see also .MP2
MP3MPEG-1 Layer III Audio Stream (= highly compressed audio)
MPAMPEG-1 sound, PCM digitized, high compression
MPCMS Project Calendar file
MPDMonadic predicates (ABC programming language)
MPDMini port driver
MPEMPEG movie (Motion Pictures Experts Group)
MPEGMPEG movie (Motion Pictures Experts Group)
MPMMathplan macro (WordPerfect Library)
MPNTMacPaint bitmap image, black & white, PackBits compressed, see .MAC
MPPProject file (Ms Project)
MPRFoxPro generated executable menu file
MPTMultipage TIFF bitmap image
MPVMPEG movie, no sound
MPVMS Project View file
MPV2Moving Pictures Experts Group
MPXFoxPro compiled executable menu file
MRBMultiple Resolution Bitmap image (MS C/C++)
MRCBibliographic data (Machine-Readable Cataloging records)
MRGPower-Basic Merger file
MRIHP NewWave object file
MRKCSI MaRKup file (CAD format)
MRKWindows 95 user benchmark
MRSWordPerfect Macro ReSource
MRSMacro resource file
MSFormatted manual page with ms macros
MSModula-3 intermediate assembly file
MSMaple worksheet
MS"CHKLIST.MS" - Directory-Info
MSCMS C makefile
MSDLManchester Scene Description Language, 3D rendering?
MSGMeSsaGe text
MSKSaved mask from Autodesk Animator
MSNMS Network component
MSPMS Paint bitmap image
MSPWindows installer Patch
MSSManuscript text file (Perfect Writer/Scribble/MINCE/Jove)
MSTMS Test document
MSTMinispecification file (Prosa)
MSTMS Windows SDK setup script
MSWMS Word text document
MSXImage format
MSXCompressed CP/M file archive (MSX)
MTHDerive MaTH file
MTMMultiTracker Module music
MTVMTV Raytracing image format
MTWMinitab data file
MUQuattro pro for DOS MenU definition
MUSSound file (MusicTime/Doom)
MVBMS Multimedia Viewer data
MVFStop frame file (AutoCAD AutoFlix)
MVIMovie command file (AutoCAD AutoFlix)
MVPMediaView Project
MVWSaber LAN log file
MWMacWrite II text document
MW2Mech Warrior 2 game file
MWFProMotion animation
MWIIMacWrite II text document
MWPSmartMaster (Lotus Word Pro)
MXMatlab common matrix routines
MXModula-3 linker information
MX3Dynamically linked subroutines (80386/486 Ms Windows) (Matlab)
MXLPackRat 5.0 support file
MXSMaxis game data file (e.g. SimCity)
MXTMS C data
MYPPresentation (MM Make Your Point)

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