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PProgress database source code
PApplause picture file
PPascal language source code file
PRea-C-Time application parameter file (ReaGeniX code generator)
P10Tektronix Plot 10 drawing
P12Personal Information Exchange
P16ProTracker Studio 16 music (16 channels)
P22Patch22 patch file
P65PageMaker 6.5 document
P7Xv's visual schnauzer format
P7CDigital ID file used in Outlook Express
PA1PageAhead worktable
PABPersonal Address Book
PACAtari STAD bitmap image
PACProxy AutoConfig
PACSBStudio II package or song
PADTelemate keypad definition
PAGVisual Basic property PAGe file
PAGData file for DBM databases
PAINTApple Macintosh MacPaint bitmap image
PAKPK-Pak archive
PALColor PALette file used by eg. Dr. Halo
PANCorelDraw printer-specific file (copy to
PARFractint parameter file
PARDigitalk PARTS application
PARWindows 3.x permanent output file
PARTPartial Go!Zilla download
PASPascal language source code file (Pascal/Delphi)
PATCorelDRAW PATtern File
PATGimp PATtern
PATPATch file
PATBitmap image (1bit) (Patent data) (US Patent and Trademark Office)
PATHatch PATterns (AutoCAD/Photostyler)
PATPolygon Attribute Table (link geographic locations to databases)
PATGravis Ultrasound sound patch
PBFAXability Plus fax
PBWinFax Pro PhoneBook
PBProboard configuration files
PBPixBase setup file
PBPowerBasic configuration file
PB1First Publisher for Windows document
PBAPowerbasic BASIC language source code file (Genus)
PBCPowerBasic Chain file
PBDPhone book (FaxNOW!/Faxit)
PBHPowerBasic help file
PBIPowerbasic include file (Genus)
PBIProfiler Binary Input (MS Source Profiler)
PBKWinfax phonebook file
PBLPowerbasic library (Genus)
PBMPoskanzer's Portable BitMap image
PBMPlanar bitmap image (XLib)
PBOProfiler Binary Output (MS Source Profiler)
PBPPowerBasic pick-file
PBTProfiler Binary Table (MS Source Profiler)
PBUCompiled PowerBasic unit file
PCText file containing IBM PC specific info
PC1Atari Degas & Degas Elite bitmap image, see .PI1
PC2Atari Degas & Degas Elite bitmap image, see .PI1
PC3Atari Degas & Degas Elite bitmap image, see .PI1
PC8Ascii text IBM8 character set (NewWave Write)
PCBPrint Shop Deluxe business card?
PCBP-CAD database
PCCZsoft PC Paintbrush cutout picture bitmap image
PCDKodak PhotoCD bitmap image
PCFProfiler Command File (Ms Source Profiler)
PCFVektorgrafik von ProtoCAD
PCHPatCH file
PCHMS C/C++ precompiled header
PCJMultimedia authoring tool graphics (IBM's Linkaway-Live)
PCKTurbo Pascal PiCKfile
PCLHewlett Packard Printer Control Language
PCMSchriftart (Printer Cartridge Metrics)
PCPBitmap image (PCP file)
PCSAnimated PICTs (Macintosh)
PCSPicture package (Ms PowerPoint/Ms ClipArt Gallery)
PCTMacintosh QuickDraw PiCT bitmap image (B&W PICT1 - color PICT2)
PCWPC Write text document
PCXZsoft's PC Paintbrush bitmap image
PDABitmap image
PDBData (TACT/Packrat)
PDBProgramm Database (Visual C++)
PDDAdobe PhotoDeluxe Home Edition Image
PDFAdobe Portable Document Format
PDFDatabase Interchange Format (PCAD)
PDFGraphics file (ED-SCAN 24bit format)
PDFPackage Definition File (download info) (Microsoft SMS)
PDFPrint device information (Netware)
PDGPrint Shop Deluxe bi-fold
PDIPowerPoint Converter
PDLPrint Shop Deluxe flyer
PDLProject Description Language file (Borland C++ 4.5)
PDRPort driver
PDRDriver file for AnimatorPlayer
PDSSpace mission data (Planetary Data System Format by NASA)
PDSPldasm language source code file (hardware assembly)
PDVPaintbrush printer driver
PDWProfessional Draw document
PDXIndex file of .PDF
PDXPageMaker printer description
PE4Browser file generated by iPhoto Plus Explorer 4.0 from ULead Systems Inc
PEBProgram Editor Bottom overflow file (WordPerfect Library)
PEDProgram Editor Delete save (WordPerfect Library)
PEMProgram Editor Macro (WordPerfect Library)
PEQProgram Editor print Queue file (WordPerfect Library)
PERProgram Editor Resident area (WordPerfect Library) (vakioalue)
PESProgram Editor work Space file (WordPerfect Library)
PETMacintosh PICT image
PETProgram Editor Top overflow file (WordPerfect Library)
PEXProboard EXecutable program file
PFAType 3 font file (unhinted PostScript font)
PFBAdobe Font Bezier (Adobe Type 1 Font)
PFCPF Component
PFCFirst Choice text file
PFKProgrammable Function Keys (XTreePro)
PFLLotus Freelance PortFoLio file
PFMPrinter Font Metrics (Windows Adobe Type 1 font metric file)
PFSFirst Publisher ART files
PFTChiWriter printer font
PFXPersonal Information Exchange
PGPage cut/paste file (IBM LinkWay)
PGDPGPdisk Volume
PGIPrinter Graphics File device driver (PGRAPH library)
PGLHPGL vector image
PGMPortable GrayMap image
PGPPretty Good Privacy encrypted file
PGSManual page (man4dos)
PGXVisual Basic binary property page file
PHGeoworks optimized .goh include file
PHPerl Header file
PHMS C/C++ phrase-table
PHDPolyHedra Database
PHMPhone book (DN - Lync)
PHNPHoNe list (UltraFax/QmodemPro)
PHNPhoneFree Internet Telephone
PHOPHOne database (Metz Phone for Windows)
PHPPhotoDeluxe PhotoParade Album
PHRLocoScript PHRases
PI1Atari Degas & Degas Elite bitmap image
PI2Atari Degas & Degas Elite bitmap image, see .PI1
PI3Atari Degas & Degas Elite bitmap image, see .PI1
PICPC Paint/Pictor bitmap image
PICMacintosh QuickDraw bitmap image (B&W PICT1 - color PICT2)
PICLotus PIC vector image
PICSoftImage image
PICMTV & Rayshade bitmap image
PICIOBitmap image (PIXAR picture file)
PICSAnimated PICT files (Macintosh)
PICTMacintosh QuickDraw PiCT bitmap image (B&W PICT1 - color PICT2), see .PCT
PICT2Apple Macintosh PICT bitmap image
PIDProcess ID file (Unix)
PIFProgram Information File
PIFGraphics metafile (OS/2)
PIFVector image GDF format (IBM mainframe computers)
PIGDescent game data file
PIMPascal text mode image file (Ultimate Draw)
PINAtari ST graphics format
PINGame data (Epic Pinball)
PITCompressed Macintosh file archive (PackIt)
PIXTruevision Targa bitmap image, see .TGA
PIXAlias bitmap image (24bit RGB RLE), see .ALS
PIXBitmap image (Inset Systems format)
PIXARPIXAR bitmap image
PJBitmap image (HP PaintJet PCL graphics file)
PJCA-SuperProject ProJect
PJTFoxPro additional (FPT) project description file
PJTProJecT (Rational Rose/Visual C++)
PJTProject memo
PJXFoxPro main (DBF) project description file
PJXLBitmap image (HP PaintJet XL PCL graphics file)
PKPacked bitmap font file (TeX DVI drivers)
PKAPKArc compressed file archive
PKGNext installer script
PKGPacKaGe (AppleLink/Ms Developer Studio)
PKGP-CAD database
PKRPGP Public KeyRing
PKTFidonet message PacKeT
PKTReadable contents of .pk (TeX font)
PLPerL script language source code file
PLHarvard Graphics PaLette
PLProLog language source code file
PLProperty List font metric file (TeX)
PL13D Home Architect room plan
PL3Harvard Graphics 3.0 chart palette
PLBLibrary (FoxPro/P-CAD)
PLCLotus 1-2-3 add-in file (functions - macros - applications)
PLCP-CAD database
PLDPhotoDeLuxe PhotoLine Document
PLGMS Developer Studio build log
PLLCA Clipper prelinked library
PLNWordPerfect for Win spreadsheet
PLNPlan Perfekt Tabelle
PLOTVector image (Unix Plot(5) format)
PLRDescent player information
PLSPlaylist file
PLTHPGL Plotter vector image
PLTPage Magic paper format
PLTClipper 5 pre-linked transfer file
PLTSoftware PLaTform file (Geoworks Glue, EPOC)
PLTPlot File (Autographics)
PLYPolygon mesh format ZipPack by Silicon Graphics
PLYPopMail data
PLYHarvard Spotlight presentation screen
PMX Windows system PixMap bitmap image (8bit text), see XPM
PMPresentation Manager bitmap image
PMPerl Module
PM3PageMaker 3 document
PM4PageMaker 4 document
PM5PageMaker 5 document
PM6PageMaker 6 document
PMAArchive format used on CP/M & MSX computers
PMAPerformance Monitor data
PMCPerformance Monitor data
PMCA4TECH Scanner image
PMCGraphic, A4TECH Scanner
PMIOS/2 Program Manager Information
PMLPerformance Monitor data
PMMAmaris BTX/2 program file
PMRPerformance Monitor data
PMWPerformance Monitor data
PN3Harvard Graphics 3.0 printer device driver
PNFBitmap image (Portable Network graphics Frame) (standalone stream)
PNFPrecompiled setup information (Windows)
PNGBitmap image (Portable Network Graphics)
PNMPortable aNyMap image
PNTMacPaint bitmap image, black & white, PackBits compressed, see .MAC
PNTPoiNTlist segment (FTN software)
PNTQwk reader PoiNTer file (MarkMail 2.x)
PNTVector PoiNT data (ARC format)
PNTGMacPaint bitmap image, B&W, see .MAC
POHGeoworks optimized .goh include file
POLInnovMetric Software POLygon 3D Models Format
POOINITeX string pool
POPPopMail messages index
POPPop-up menu object (dBASE Application Generator)
POTMS PowerPoint template
POTFractint continuous potential image
POVPOV-Ray (Persistence Of Vision Raytracing) 3D object
POWPowerChords instrument or song file
PPCompressed Amiga file archive (PowerPacker)
PPPollpuffer (Crosspoint)
PP4Picture Publisher bitmap image
PPAMS PowerPoint add-in
PPBButton bar for Print Preview (WordPerfect for Win)
PPDPostScript Printer Description file (PageMaker)
PPKArchive (using for many distributives) (PPK)
PPLPolaroidpaletteplus ColorKey device driver (Harvard Graphics 3.0)
PPMPBM Portable PixelMap bitmap image
PPOCA Clipper 5.x preprocessor output
PPPPagePlus Publication
PPSMS PowerPoint Slide show
PPSPersonal Producer Storyboard
PPTMS PowerPoint presentation
PRSun Icon or Cursor
PR1Packrat 4.0 data file
PR2Packrat 4.x data file
PR2Aldus Persuasion 2.x presentation
PR2dBASE IV printer driver
PR3dBASE IV Postscript printer driver
PRCRational Rose processes
PRDPRinter Driver (many)
PRELotus Freelance PREsentation
PRECMYK bitmap image (Stork format)
PRESettings (Programmer's WorkBench/Ms C/C++)
PRFPixel Run Format bitmap image (Improces/Fastgraph)
PRFCheckIt Pro 1.0 data file
PRFdBASE IV printer driver
PRFProfiler output
PRGPRoGram source (dBASE IV/FoxPro/CA Clipper/dBFast)
PRGAtari program
PRILocoScript printer definitions
PRJPRoJect file used in programming environments
PRJAutodesk 3D Studio PRoJect file
PRJProject-File / ASCII (Borland Compiler)
PRNPrinter driver (Signature)
PRNText file (Lotus 1-2-3/Symphony)
PROConfiguration file (PROfile) used by several programs
PROGraphics profile file (DOS)
PROProlog language source code file
PROJProject File (Interface Builder) (NeXT)
PRPRational Rose model properties
PRRThe Perfect Resume data file
PRSLotus Freelance PReSentation for OS/2
PRSNorton Viewer DLL
PRSHarvard Graphics presentation
PRSWordPerfect for Win printer resource eg. fonts
PRSdBASE IV procedure
PRSPrinter Resource (WordPerfect)
PRTMS Schedule+ PRinT
PRTP-CAD component
PRTDr.Halo printer driver
PRTMegaCAD graphic
PRVBackup file
PRXFoxPro compiled program
PRZLotus SmartSuite document
PSAdobe PostScript Interpreted (text/graphics)
PS2Adobe Level II PostScript document (text/graphics)
PSAArchive (Pretty Simple Archive) (GNU PSA.OUT)
PSDAdobe PhoteShop bitmap image
PSDPeriscope Debugger definition file
PSEBitmap image (IBM printer Page SEgment)
PSEGBitmap image (IBM printer Page SEGment)
PSFOutline PostScript printer font (ChiWriter)
PSFPermanent Swap File
PSIDPostscript Image Data (text/graphics)
PSMProtracker Studio Module (sound)
PSMTurbo Pascal symbol table of IDE
PSNSound Script presentation file
PSPPaint Shop Pro file
PSPProdea Synergy procedure
PSSPostScript Printer Stub
PSTPersonal Storage File used by Ms Outlook for storing emails, contacts etc.
PSTLahey Fortran paste buffer
PSTBMail postbox file
PTPlayer Tools game crack
PTKodak Precition Color Management System
PTPitch Track sound
PT3Harvard Graphics 3.0 device driver
PT3PageMaker 3 template
PT4PageMaker 4 template
PT5PageMaker 5 template
PTBPubTech BatchWorks script
PTLRational Rose 98 PeTaL
PTMPubTech BatchWorks macro
PTMMusic format
PTMPage Magic 2.0 template
PTRCursor image file (OS/2 PTR file)
PTRQwk reader pointer file (QMail)
PTRMaus Pointer
PTUPerformer Terrain Utilities
PTXPrintronix bitmap image
PTYRational Rose 98 properties
PUBMS Publisher page template
PUBPretty Good Privacy public keyring
PUBPublication (PageMaker/Ventura Publisher/1st Publisher)
PUTCompressed file archive (PUT)
PUTGraphics (WScan)
PUZPuzzle file (BrainsBreaker Puzzle)
PUZZBitmap image (8bit) (X11 Puzzle)
PUZZLEBitmap image (8bit) (X11 Puzzle)
PVAnalysis data (Phase Vocorder)
PVDInstalit script
PVGMS Encarta World Atlas Pushpins
PVLInstalit library
PVTLocal Fidonet pointlist (FTN software)
PVUPaleoenvironmental data (PaleoVu)
PWProfessional Write text document
PWDMicrosoft Pocket Word text document
PWLWindows Password file
PWPProfessional WritePlus text document
PWZMS PowerPoint wizard
PXParadox primary database index
PXLPixel data (TeX driver)
PXLPiXCLscript script
PXLMicrosoft Pocket Excel spreadsheet
PXP3D Studio process file
PXRPixar bitmap image (Photoshop)
PYPython script language source code file
PYCPython script compiled source code
PZDPizazz Plus default settings
PZIPizazz Plus graphics
PZLBitmap image (8bit) (Unix Puzzle)
PZOPizazz Plus overlay
PZPPizazz Plus palette
PZSPizazz Plus settings
PZTPizazz Plus transfer file
PZXPizazz Plus swap file

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