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Buchstabe I

IPhase Vocorder analysis data
IPreprocessor output file (Borland C Preprocessor)
IHeader File Assembler
I3Interface source (Modula-3)
IAXBitmap image (IBM Image Access eXecutive file)
IBGPlanetary images by NASA (PDS format)
IBMCommodore Amiga graphics
IBMCompressed file archive (Internal IBM only) (ARCHDOS)
ICM3CG intermediate language file (Modula-3)
IC1Bitmap image (Atari Image)
IC2Bitmap image (Atari Image)
IC3Bitmap image (Atari Image)
ICAIoCA ICon Archive (Image Object Content Architecture)
ICACitrix file
ICBTruevision Targa bitmap image
ICCBitmap image (Kodak ICC printer file)
ICELempel Ziv Huffman archive
ICECooltalk audio?
ICLInon library
ICMICC Printer/Monitor profile
ICNIcon Resource (RIP icon)
ICNIcon language source code file
ICOWindows 3.x/95/NT ICOn Resource
ICONIcon image (1bit) (Sun icon file) (Unix)
ICPIContact Parameter file (Unix)
ICRBitmap image (NCSA Telnet Interactive Color Raster graphic file)
IDDisk identification file
IDBIDA database
IDCBitmap image (Core Software Tech CORE IDC file)
IDCDocument (Internet Database Connector)
IDCIDA C language source code file
IDDMIDI Instrument Definition
IDEProject (Borland C++ 4.x)
IDFMIDI-instrument definition
IDFInstruments drivers file
IDLVisual C++ interface definition file
IDSImported names format (IDA)
IDWIntelliDraw vector image
IDXIndex file
IDXHeader information (CMYK image) (Stork format)
IDXDatenbank Index (Foxpro)
IDXFIBU data file
IE?PCTools Backup settings
IEFBitmap image (Image Exchange Format)
IFDForm (JetForm Design)
IFFBitmap image
IFFSound (Amiga IFF/8SVX Audio Interchange File Format)
IFFTDI Explore & Alias Wavefront image
IFFDESR VFF greyscale bitmap image
IFPKnowledgeMan script
IFSYuvPak fractal image compressed file
IFSInstallable File System (OS/2)
IFSIterated Function System fractal (Fractint)
IGModula-3 generic interface source
IGES2D or 3D CAD model (Initial Graphics Exchange Specification format)
IGFInset Systems metafile
IGS2D or 3D CAD model (Initial Graphics Exchange Specification format)
IHPWatcom help file
IHSInbound History (Bink/+)
IIPreprocessed C++ source code (gcc)
IIFQuickBooks for Windows interchange file
IIIIntel IPhone-compatible
IKOWindows Icon Resource
ILhDC Designer Icon Library (=DLL)
ILInline expansion file (Fortran 90)
ILBScream Tracker data
ILBMBitmap image (Amiga Interleaved BitMap format)
ILKOutline of program's format (incremental linker) (Ms ILink)
IMAIM Grey Scale image
IMBitmap image (Sun raster file)
IM1Bitmap image (1bit) (Sun raster file)
IM24Bitmap image (24bit) (Sun raster file)
IM32Bitmap image (32bit) (Sun raster file)
IM8Bitmap image (8bit) (Sun raster file)
IM8Sun Raster Grafik
IMAAIM Grey Scale image?
IMAImage (WinImage)
IMAMirage vector image (EGO/Chart/Autumn)
IMAGEDisk image (Disk Copy/ShrinkWrap)
IMGBitmap image, GEM Paint/Ventura
IMGVivid image
IMGDisk image (Disk Copy/ShrinkWrap)
IMPLotus IMProv Spreadsheet
IMPCompressed file archive (IMP)
IMPPascal implementation
IMQImageQ image presentation
IMQPlanetary images by NASA (PDS format)
IN$Installation file (HP NewWave)
IN3Harvard Graphics 3.0 input device driver
INBTest script (Vermont HighTest)
INCINClude file (several programming languages)
INDdBASE IV data index
INFSetup INFormation used in Windows
INFHypertext help system file (OS/2)
INFOGNU info reader (output from texinfo) (unix)
INFOAmiga icon data
INGRIntergraph Raster File Format
INIINItialisation file used in Dos and Windows
INKPantone reference fills file (CorelDraw)
INLC++ INLine function implementation
INNMicro Focus COBOL/2 overlay
INSOften used as INStallation file
INSInternet Communication Settings (MS IIS)
INSAdlib/Ensoniq INStrument file
INSWordPerfect datafile
INTBorland INTerface module source
INTSignature/Micro Focus COBOL/2 INTermediate code (semi-compiled)
INTFoxPro Code page file, collation sequence
INXFoxbase INdeX
IOCPIO compressed file archive
IOModula-3 object file
IOB3D object, Imagine 1, 2 or Turbo Silver
IOCInstant ORGcharting! organizational chart
IONAs 'Descript.ion' a small textfile (file descriptions) (4DOS)
IPInteractive Physics data
IPInspection Procedures (NRC Inspection Manual)
IPLPantone Spot reference palette file (CorelDraw)
IPXIpix Spherical panorama
IQYMS Excel web query file
IRCSound (IRCAM format)
IRISSilicon Graphics Raw Red, Green and Blue bytes image, see .RGB
IRSWordPerfect resource
IRTPImage (Graphicon-2000 Interactive Real-Time PHIGS)
ISModula-3 intermediate assembly file
ISDRapidFile spelling checker dictionary
ISHImage Speeder Image
ISHCompressed file archive (ISH)
ISOEasy CD Creator CD image file
ISOISO-9660 table
ISPInternet Service Provider settings (Ms IIS)
ISUWindows uninstall script by Stirling Technologies
ITImpulse Tracker music
ITSettings (intalk)
ITAITAlian documentation
ITFInTerFace file (JPI TopSpeed Pascal)
ITSInternet Document Set
IVInventor VRML Format by Silicon Graphics
IVASurveillance Video File
IVADementia.4207 Virus File
IVBBitmap image (Truevision Targa format)
IVFIndeo Video
IVRVirtual reality world (live picture)
IVTInfoViewer information title
IVUELive Picture multi-view format
IV-VRMLInventor VRML Format document
IWPresentation flowchart (IconAuthor/HSC InterActive)
IWIdlewild screensaver
IW44DjVu image
IWAIBM Writing Assistant text document
IWPWang text document
IXModula-3 linker information
IZTBinary token file (IZL)

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