Unicode Character Tables (Content)

Character Tables by Categories

Latin Characters
Latin Extended
Currencies and Numbers
Other Characters
Greek and Coptic
Geometry and Mathematics
Box Drawing
Mathematics 1
Mathematics 2
Mathematics 3
Dingbats, Symbols and Arrows
Symbols and Arrows
Arrows 1
Arrows 2
Arrows 3
Pictographs 1
Pictographs 2
Pictographs 3
Pictographs 4

Character Tables by Character Ranges

C0 Controls (0000 - 001F)
Latin Basic (0020 - 007F)
C1 Controls (0080 - 009F)
Latin-1 (00A0 - 00FF)
Latin Extended-A (0100 - 017F)
Latin Extended-B (0180 - 024F)
IPA Extensions (0250 - 02AF)
Spacing Modifier Letters (02B0 - 02FF)
Greek and Coptic (0370 - 03FF)
General Punctuation (2000 - 206F)
Superscripts and Subscripts (2070 - 209F)
Currency Symbols (20A0 - 20CF)
Number Forms (2150 - 218F)
Arrows (2190 - 21FF)
Mathematical Operators (2200 - 22FF)
Miscellaneous Technical (2300 - 23FF)
Box Drawing (2500 - 257F)
Geometric Shapes (25A0 - 25FF)
Miscellaneous Symbols (2600 - 26FF)
Dingbats (2700 - 27BF)
Miscellaneous Mathematical Symbols (27C0 - 27EF)
Supplemental Arrows-A (27F0–27FF)
Supplemental Arrows-B (2900 - 297F)
Miscellaneous Mathematical Symbols-B (2980 - 29FF)
Supplemental Mathematical Operators (2A00 - 2AFF)
Miscellaneous Symbols and Arrows (2B00 - 2BFF)
Supplemental Punctuation (2E00 - 2E7F)
Miscellaneous Symbols and Pictographs (1F300 - 1F3FF)
Miscellaneous Symbols and Pictographs (1F400 - 1F4FF)
Miscellaneous Symbols and Pictographs (1F500 - 1F5FF)
Emoticons (1F600 - 1F64F)
Ornamental Dingbats (1F650 - 1F67F)
Transport and Map Symbols (1F680 - 1F6FF)
Geometric Shapes Extended (1F780 - 1F7FF)
Supplemental Arrows-C (1F800 - 1F8FF)
Supplemental Symbols and Pictographs (1F900 - 1F9FF)

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