ASCII and ANSI Character Table


ASCII Control Characters (0-31 and 127)
ASCII Characters6)
ANSI Characters (128-159)
ANSI Characters (160-255)


ASCII (American Standard Code for Information Interchange) is a 7-bit character set that contains characters from 0 to 127.

The generic term ANSI (American National Standards Institute) is used for 8-bit character sets. These character sets contain the unchanged ASCII character set. In addition, they contain further characters from 128 to 255, which differ in the various ANSI character sets. There are character sets for western special characters and umlauts, and for Arabic, Greek or Cyrillic characters.

The following table shows which characters are available in which (western) character set:

Character codeTypeAvailable in character set
0 - 31Control charactersYESYESYES
32 - 126Printable charactersYESYESYES
127Control charactersYESYESYES
128 - 159Printable charactersNOYESNO
(only as control characters)
160 - 255Printable charactersNOYESYES

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ASCII Control Characters (0-31 and 127)

These characters are part of ASCII, Windows-1252 and ISO-8859-1.

The characters with the ASCII codes 0 to 31 and 127 are control characters which are not intended for display.

The caret notation (in column "C") is often used in terminals to display control characters. These can usually be entered using the control key (Ctrl). For example, the notation "^C" corresponds to the key combination Ctrl+C.

The escape sequence (in column "E") is used e.g. in programming languages or search functions to be able to enter control characters as text.

SOH10100100000001^AStart of Heading
STX20200200000010^BStart of Text
ETX30300300000011^CEnd of Text
EOT40400400000100^DEnd of Transmission
HT90901100001001^I\tHorizontal Tab
LF100A01200001010^J\nLine Feed
VT110B01300001011^K\vVertical Tab
FF120C01400001100^L\fForm Feed
CR130D01500001101^M\rCarriage Return
SO140E01600001110^NShift Out
SI150F01700001111^OShift In
DLE161002000010000^PData Link Escape
DC1171102100010001^QDevice Control 1 (XON)
DC2181202200010010^RDevice Control 2
DC3191302300010011^SDevice Control 3 (XOFF)
DC4201402400010100^TDevice Control 4
NAK211502500010101^UNegative Acknowledge
SYN221602600010110^VSynchronous Idle
ETB231702700010111^WEnd of Transmission Block
EM251903100011001^YEnd of Medium
FS281C03400011100^\File Separator
GS291D03500011101^]Group Separator
RS301E03600011110^^Record Separator
US311F03700011111^_Unit Separator

ASCII Characters (32-126)

These characters are part of ASCII, Windows-1252 and ISO-8859-1.

Characters with ASCII codes 32 to 126 are so-called printable characters intended for display or output on printers.

!332104100100001!Exclamation mark
"342204200100010"Quotation mark
#352304300100011#Number sign
$362404400100100$Dollar sign
%372504500100101%Percent sign
(402805000101000(Left parenthesis
)412905100101001)Right parenthesis
+432B05300101011+Plus sign
-452D05500101101Hyphen (minus sign)
0483006000110000Digit 0
1493106100110001Digit 1
2503206200110010Digit 2
3513306300110011Digit 3
4523406400110100Digit 4
5533506500110101Digit 5
6543606600110110Digit 6
7553706700110111Digit 7
8563807000111000Digit 8
9573907100111001Digit 9
=613D07500111101&equals;Equals sign
?633F07700111111&quest;Question mark
@644010001000000&commat;At sign
A654110101000001Uppercase letter A
B664210201000010Uppercase letter B
C674310301000011Uppercase letter C
D684410401000100Uppercase letter D
E694510501000101Uppercase letter E
F704610601000110Uppercase letter F
G714710701000111Uppercase letter G
H724811001001000Uppercase letter H
I734911101001001Uppercase letter I
J744A11201001010Uppercase letter J
K754B11301001011Uppercase letter K
L764C11401001100Uppercase letter L
M774D11501001101Uppercase letter M
N784E11601001110Uppercase letter N
O794F11701001111Uppercase letter O
P805012001010000Uppercase letter P
Q815112101010001Uppercase letter Q
R825212201010010Uppercase letter R
S835312301010011Uppercase letter S
T845412401010100Uppercase letter T
U855512501010101Uppercase letter U
V865612601010110Uppercase letter V
W875712701010111Uppercase letter W
X885813001011000Uppercase letter X
Y895913101011001Uppercase letter Y
Z905A13201011010Uppercase letter Z
[915B13301011011&lbrack;Left square bracket
]935D13501011101&rsqb;Right square bracket
`966014001100000&grave;Grave accent
a976114101100001Lowercase letter a
b986214201100010Lowercase letter b
c996314301100011Lowercase letter c
d1006414401100100Lowercase letter d
e1016514501100101Lowercase letter e
f1026614601100110Lowercase letter f
g1036714701100111Lowercase letter g
h1046815001101000Lowercase letter h
i1056915101101001Lowercase letter i
j1066A15201101010Lowercase letter j
k1076B15301101011Lowercase letter k
l1086C15401101100Lowercase letter l
m1096D15501101101Lowercase letter m
n1106E15601101110Lowercase letter n
o1116F15701101111Lowercase letter o
p1127016001110000Lowercase letter p
q1137116101110001Lowercase letter q
r1147216201110010Lowercase letter r
s1157316301110011Lowercase letter s
t1167416401110100Lowercase letter t
u1177516501110101Lowercase letter u
v1187616601110110Lowercase letter v
w1197716701110111Lowercase letter w
x1207817001111000Lowercase letter x
y1217917101111001Lowercase letter y
z1227A17201111010Lowercase letter z
{1237B17301111011&lbrace;Left curly brace
|1247C17401111100&vert;Vertical bar
}1257D17501111101&rcub;Right curly brace

ANSI Characters (128-159)

These characters are part of Windows-1252. In ISO-8859-1 these characters are control characters.

1288020010000000&euro;Euro sign
 1298120110000001(Not used)
1308220210000010&sbquo;Single low-9 quotation mark
ƒ1318320310000011&fnof;Latin small letter f with hook
1328420410000100&bdquo;Double low-9 quotation mark
1338520510000101&hellip;Horizontal ellipsis
1358720710000111&Dagger;Double dagger
ˆ1368821010001000&circ;Modifier letter circumflex accent
1378921110001001&permil;Per mille sign
Š1388A21210001010&Scaron;Latin capital letter S with caron
1398B21310001011&lsaquo;Single left-pointing angle quotation mark
Œ1408C21410001100&OElig;Latin capital ligature OE
 1418D21510001101(Not used)
Ž1428E21610001110&Zcaron;Latin capital letter Z with caron
 1438F21710001111(Not used)
 1449022010010000(Not used)
1459122110010001&lsquo;Left single quotation mark
1469222210010010&rsquo;Right single quotation mark
1479322310010011&ldquo;Left double quotation mark
1489422410010100&rdquo;Right double quotation mark
1509622610010110&ndash;En dash
1519722710010111&mdash;Em dash
˜1529823010011000&tilde;Small tilde
1539923110011001&trade;Trade mark sign
š1549A23210011010&scaron;Latin small letter s with caron
1559B23310011011&rsaquo;Single right-pointing angle quotation mark
œ1569C23410011100&oelig;Latin small ligature oe
 1579D23510011101(Not used)
ž1589E23610011110&zcaron;Latin small letter z with caron
Ÿ1599F23710011111&Yuml;Latin capital letter Y with diaeresis

ANSI Characters (160-255)

These characters are part of Windows-1252 and ISO-8859-1.

 160A024010100000&nbsp;No-break space
¡161A124110100001&iexcl;Inverted exclamation mark
¢162A224210100010&cent;Cent sign
£163A324310100011&pound;Pound sign
¤164A424410100100&curren;Currency sign
¥165A524510100101&yen;Yen sign
¦166A624610100110&brvbar;Broken bar
§167A724710100111&sect;Section sign
©169A925110101001&copy;Copyright sign
ª170AA25210101010&ordf;Feminine ordinal indicator
«171AB25310101011&laquo;Left-pointing double angle quotation mark
¬172AC25410101100&not;Not sign
­173AD25510101101&shy;Soft hyphen
®174AE25610101110&reg;Registered sign
°176B026010110000&deg;Degree sign
±177B126110110001&plusmn;Plus-minus sign
²178B226210110010&sup2;Superscript two
³179B326310110011&sup3;Superscript three
´180B426410110100&DiacriticalAcute;Acute accent
µ181B526510110101&micro;Micro sign
182B626610110110&para;Pilcrow sign
·183B726710110111&CenterDot;Middle dot
¹185B927110111001&sup1;Superscript one
º186BA27210111010&ordm;Masculine ordinal indicator
»187BB27310111011&raquo;Right-pointing double angle quotation mark
¼188BC27410111100&frac14;Vulgar fraction one quarter
½189BD27510111101&half;Vulgar fraction one half
¾190BE27610111110&frac34;Vulgar fraction three quarters
¿191BF27710111111&iquest;Inverted question mark
À192C030011000000&Agrave;Latin capital letter A with grave
Á193C130111000001&Aacute;Latin capital letter A with acute
Â194C230211000010&Acirc;Latin capital letter A with circumflex
Ã195C330311000011&Atilde;Latin capital letter A with tilde
Ä196C430411000100&Auml;Latin capital letter A with diaeresis
Å197C530511000101&Aring;Latin capital letter A with ring above
Æ198C630611000110&AElig;Latin capital letter AE
Ç199C730711000111&Ccedil;Latin capital letter C with cedilla
È200C831011001000&Egrave;Latin capital letter E with grave
É201C931111001001&Eacute;Latin capital letter E with acute
Ê202CA31211001010&Ecirc;Latin capital letter E with circumflex
Ë203CB31311001011&Euml;Latin capital letter E with diaeresis
Ì204CC31411001100&Igrave;Latin capital letter I with grave
Í205CD31511001101&Iacute;Latin capital letter I with acute
Î206CE31611001110&Icirc;Latin capital letter I with circumflex
Ï207CF31711001111&Iuml;Latin capital letter I with diaeresis
Ð208D032011010000&ETH;Latin capital letter Eth
Ñ209D132111010001&Ntilde;Latin capital letter N with tilde
Ò210D232211010010&Ograve;Latin capital letter O with grave
Ó211D332311010011&Oacute;Latin capital letter O with acute
Ô212D432411010100&Ocirc;Latin capital letter O with circumflex
Õ213D532511010101&Otilde;Latin capital letter O with tilde
Ö214D632611010110&Ouml;Latin capital letter O with diaeresis
×215D732711010111&times;Multiplication sign
Ø216D833011011000&Oslash;Latin capital letter O with stroke
Ù217D933111011001&Ugrave;Latin capital letter U with grave
Ú218DA33211011010&Uacute;Latin capital letter U with acute
Û219DB33311011011&Ucirc;Latin capital letter U with circumflex
Ü220DC33411011100&Uuml;Latin capital letter U with diaeresis
Ý221DD33511011101&Yacute;Latin capital letter Y with acute
Þ222DE33611011110&THORN;Latin capital letter Thorn
ß223DF33711011111&szlig;Latin small letter sharp s
à224E034011100000&agrave;Latin small letter a with grave
á225E134111100001&aacute;Latin small letter a with acute
â226E234211100010&acirc;Latin small letter a with circumflex
ã227E334311100011&atilde;Latin small letter a with tilde
ä228E434411100100&auml;Latin small letter a with diaeresis
å229E534511100101&aring;Latin small letter a with ring above
æ230E634611100110&aelig;Latin small letter ae
ç231E734711100111&ccedil;Latin small letter c with cedilla
è232E835011101000&egrave;Latin small letter e with grave
é233E935111101001&eacute;Latin small letter e with acute
ê234EA35211101010&ecirc;Latin small letter e with circumflex
ë235EB35311101011&euml;Latin small letter e with diaeresis
ì236EC35411101100&igrave;Latin small letter i with grave
í237ED35511101101&iacute;Latin small letter i with acute
î238EE35611101110&icirc;Latin small letter i with circumflex
ï239EF35711101111&iuml;Latin small letter i with diaeresis
ð240F036011110000&eth;Latin small letter eth
ñ241F136111110001&ntilde;Latin small letter n with tilde
ò242F236211110010&ograve;Latin small letter o with grave
ó243F336311110011&oacute;Latin small letter o with acute
ô244F436411110100&ocirc;Latin small letter o with circumflex
õ245F536511110101&otilde;Latin small letter o with tilde
ö246F636611110110&ouml;Latin small letter o with diaeresis
÷247F736711110111&divide;Division sign
ø248F837011111000&oslash;Latin small letter o with stroke
ù249F937111111001&ugrave;Latin small letter u with grave
ú250FA37211111010&uacute;Latin small letter u with acute
û251FB37311111011&ucirc;Latin small letter u with circumflex
ü252FC37411111100&uuml;Latin small letter u with diaeresis
ý253FD37511111101&yacute;Latin small letter y with acute
þ254FE37611111110&thorn;Latin small letter thorn
ÿ255FF37711111111&yuml;Latin small letter y with diaeresis

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