License Agreement for Freeware Applications

License agreement for software for private and commercial use

Stand: 2019-12-30

Important Note
In contentious cases only the German version of this license agreement is valid.


This summary gives a brief overview of the license agreement but does not purport to be complete.

It is allowed to:
  • use the software free of charge for private and commercial use
  • share/publish the unchanged software free of charge
It is prohibited to:
  • sell or share the software for a fee
  • change the software before sharing it
  • reverse engineer (decompile or disassemble) the software
There is no right:
  • of support or other assistance
  • for rectification of errors or to other changes

Scope and Definitions

This license agreement applies to software from Werner Rumpeltesz (hereinafter the "Author"), which refers to this license agreement. Unless in the software package is a different license agreement included by the author. In this case, the included license applies.

The term "Software" in this license agreement applies for the complete software package (the whole content of the download archive). This includes the executable files as well as all other files like help files, installation manuals or data files.


This software is the intellectual property of the author. The full ownership of the software remains with the author. Neither property rights nor the ownership of the software is transferred to you. This also applies to all copies of the software, regardless of form or medium. In addition to the rights that assure you by this agreement, you do not acquire any other rights to the software.

The software is protected by the Austrian Copyright Act, as well as international treaties. To the author or the licensee legally guaranteed rights or obligations imposed by law are not affected by this license agreement. For this agreement Austrian law applies.

In contentious cases only the German version of this license agreement is valid.

Violations of the provisions of this Agreement may be prosecuted criminally and civilly.

Rights and Obligations

The software may be used free of charge for private and commercial use. The number of installations or copies and the number of users is not limited.

The software may be distributed for free to other people and on the Internet or other media. This requires that the software remains unchanged. Adding files or other modification of the software is prohibited. Furthermore, the integration of the software into another application or reloading the software by another application is prohibited (such as setup or download programs).

The software may not be sold, rented, or otherwise transferred or shared for a fee.

You may not reverse engineer the software, or extract the source code (decompile, or disassemble).

There is no right of support or other assistance provided by the author.

There is no right for rectification of errors or to other changes. This applies in particular to adapt the software to a certain other software or hardware.


The use of the Software is at your own risk. The author assumes no liability for the accuracy and functionality of the software. The author is not liable for any direct or indirect damages resulting from the use of the software. This includes especially, but not limited to, lost profits or revenue, loss of data or other financial loss or any indirect, special and exemplary damages and consequential damages and damages with punitive damages.


The granting of an exemption from the provisions of this agreement requires the express permission of the author, which is possibly issued by e-mail.

If you have questions about the license, or require a special permit, please contact the author via e-mail.

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