Password Generator

Password Generator quickly and easily creates multiple randomly generated passwords.

Predefined password sets create passwords quickly and easily. The characters to be used can be customized. Password patterns generate passwords flexibly.

Password Type:
Number of Passwords:

For easy readable passwords choose "Internet Passwords" (variants 1 to 3).
For passwords saved with a password manager application choose "Password Manager" (variants 1 to 3).

First Character:
Other Character:
Last Character:
Special Characters:
Exclude Characters: (Example: "1lIoO0")
Password Length: characters (max. 1024)
Number of Passwords:
Special Characters:
Exclude Characters: (Example: "1lIoO0")
Number of Passwords:

Password Pattern

The password pattern (max. 250 characters) determines the structure of the password and its length. For each character group, a specific letter is used as a placeholder. Several placeholders can be combined with each other. After each character in the password, a pipe character (|) must be specified in the password pattern. After the placeholders a multiplier can be specified to create up to 99 equal character groups in the password.

To increase the probability for certain character groups, several identical placeholders can be specified, e.g. "aaaA" increases the probability for lowercase letters by three times.

PlaceholderCharacter groupCharacters
aLowercase lettersabcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz
nNumbers (except zero)123456789
NNumber zero0
vVowels lower caseaeiou
VVowels upper caseAEIOU
kConsonants lowercasebcdfghjklmnpqrstvwxyz
lConsonants lowercase leftqwrtsdfgyxcv
LConsonants uppercase leftQWRTSDFGYXCV
rConsonants lowercase rightzphjklbnm
RConsonants uppercase rightZPHJKLBNM
hHexadecimal lowercase0123456789abcdef
HHexadecimal uppercase0123456789ABCDEF
sSimple special characters.:,;-_!?=()/+@
SSpecial charactersas entered in the form field
8 characters with upper and lower case letters, and numbers from 0-9.
The first character is an uppercase letter, followed by 6 lowercase letters. At the end follows a number from 0-9.
The first character is a large consonant on the left side of the keyboard. This is followed by small consonants on the right, left and again on the right side of the keyboard. After that a simple special character, two numbers from 0-9 and finally a number from 1-9.

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