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Phalanx is a powerful spam filer application for POP3 accounts. It can be used with any mail client. Phalanx supports APOP (MD5) and secure connections (SSL) for authentication on the mail server.

The most important features:


Setup:Portable (no setup)
Languages:German, English, Greek, Portuguese (brasil.)
Required:Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0
Size:222 KB


Screenshot Screenshot

Plug-ins for Phalanx

The following plug-ins are already included in the download.

BulkForm-Plugin 1.2.7
This plug-in search in the header and the content for placeholders, used by bulk mailers. Sometimes this placeholders will be not replaced, so they appear in the sent mail.
(Language: German)
CountryFilter-Plugin 1.2.5
The CountryFilter-Plugin filters mail, sent from specific countries. To do this, Top-Level domains and character sets can be added to the filter list.
(Language: German)

A plug-in SDK with all information to create own plug-ins is already included in the download.


The changelog for this application is available in the German version of this page only.

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