AddHash joins two or more Guidance EnCase and/or X-Ways Forensics hashset files to a new hashset file or convert them to an other format. AddHash removes duplicates and enables you to edit the name and category of hash files.

AddHash needs no installation and no application data are saved.

Supported Import/Export Formats:
EnCase v1
This format is required by Guidance EnCase v3. Newer versions of EnCase support this format too. It doesn't support unicode characters in the name and category.
EnCase v2
This format is supported by Guidance EnCase v4 and higher. The name and category field support unicode characters.
X-Ways Forensics Plain Text
This format is used by X-Ways Forensics to import and export hashsets.


Size:33 KB
Setup:Portable (no setup)
Required:Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0



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