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PHP Search Engine

This PHP search engine searches local files on the server for a search term and shows the results like Google. The search engine doesn't index the pages and doesn't need a database. So the results are allways actual.

The search engine read the "rotobs" (and "noindex") meta-tag, so you can exclude pages from the search. Furthermore, the searchable file types (file extensions) can be indicated.


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PHP 4.0.4 or higher

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  • German
  • English
  • Castilian v1.4.3
  • French v1.4.3
  • Greek v1.4.4
  • Croatian v1.4.3
  • Japanese v1.4.4
  • Dutch v1.4.3
  • Polish v1.4.3 - incl. Polish manual
  • Romanian v1.4.3

Professional Version

Some features of this script are available in the professional version only. A professional license is offered to selected translators and other persons that supported this script. If you have questions about the professional license please feel free to contact me per e-mail.

Features of the professional version:
  • Many additional configuration settings are available.
  • Sub-folders can be searched.
  • The results can be displayed page-wise.


The changelog for this application is available in the German version of this page only.

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