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PlainEdit.NET is a text editor for ANSI, UTF-8 and Unicode files. Syntax highlighting is supported for the most common Web, script and programming languages. Many functions for text conversion, formatting, decoding and encoding are included.

The most important features are:
  • PlanEdit.NET can open multiple files at the same time (tabbed interface)
  • Many text conversion function
  • Syntax highlighting for the most common Web, script and programming languages
  • Loading, editing and sving file in ANSI, UTF-8, Unicode and Unicode big-endian
  • Files with Windows, MacIntosh and Unix line breaks are supported
  • Automatically replace special characters to HTML encoding
  • User defined templates for fast file and text creation and editing
  • Page setup (with header and footer) and print preview
  • Snippets (templates, code snippets and other text) can be inserted via a sidebar
  • Incremental text search (forward and backward)
  • Search and replace text with regular expressions - in not opened files too

PlainEdit.NET runs in multi user environments as well on USB sticks.


770 KB
None, portable
Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0

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  • German
  • English
  • Chinese v1.2.3
  • French v1.4.2
  • Japanese v1.3.9
  • Catalan v1.3.9
  • Polish v1.4.2
  • Russian v1.4
  • Swedish v1.5
  • Spanish v1.3.91


Screenshot Screenshot

Plug-ins (already inluded in download

Color Sidebar 1.3.91 (RAR, 20 KB, Language: EN)
With this plug-in a color can be choosen or entred with its RGB or HSL values. The selected color can be inserted in various formats. Additionally, web-colors and web-save colors can be selected.

Export 1.3.91 (RAR, 20 KB, Language: EN)
This plug-in exports the document text and its syntax highlighting as well as the line numbers into a HTML file. Optionally the output can be printed to a new document or copied to the Windows Clipboard.

HexDump 1.4 (RAR, 11 KB, Language: EN)
The HexDump plug-in creates a hexadecimal output from the selected text or the complete text of a file.

TextConverter 1.4.2 (RAR, 12 KB, Language: EN)
This plug-in converts the text to a user defined decimal or hexadecimal encoding format.

WebTools 1.4.2 (RAR, 20 KB, Language: EN)
This plug-in can extract e-mail addresses and URLs from a text and HTML colors can be inserted. Additional, a HTML Meta-Tag generator and a XML validator is included.


You can create your own syntax highlighters for PlainEdit.NET with the highlighters manual available in the Beta Area (German only).


The changelog for this application is available in the German version of this page only.

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